Project Management – Karez

Project management for Deccan Heritage Foundation Projects

Rehabilitation of the Karez at Naubad
Location: Bidar, Karnataka
Time Period: August 2015 – Ongoing
Clients: Deccan Heritage Foundation, Bidar District Administration – Principal client
Key Collaborators: Indian Heritage Cities Network- Foundation, Bangalore – Principal Project Consultants, International Centre for Qanat and Hydraulic structures, Iran – Technical consultant

The “Karez” at Bidar is a complex water system of the 15 century that met the water needs of the historic city and surrounding agrarian landscape. This unique historic resource is now in distress due to several problems related to unplanned urbanization and a general lack of awareness. In an attempt to alter its present state, several interested organizations came together and with the backing of the Bidar District Administration, is planning and executing a physical restoration and rehabilitation of one of the Karez lines at Naubad. GN Heritage Matters as project managers is providing the necessary technical and administrative support to the Deccan Heritage Foundation, one of the project partners.