Architectural Conservation – Sadar Sofa

Restoration of the Sadar Sofa at Gulbarga
Location: Gulbarga, Karnataka
Time Period: June 2014 – June 2016
Clients: Deccan Heritage Foundation, Khwaja Bande Nawaz Trust, Gulbarga – Principal Clients

The Sadar Sofa at Gulbarga,Karnataka is a 357 year old edifice in stone and timber,originally built as the residence for the Sajjada Nishin (Custodian) of the Khwaja Bande Nawaz Dargah. Of modest exterior,the Sadar Sofa’s true architectural and aesthetic merit lie in its interior spaces with its intricate wooden ceilings, columns and partitions With its profuse use of a perishable material such as wood, deterioration was inevitable and owing to this,the structure fell into disuse. Our firm, as technical consultants to the Deccan Heritage Foundation, helped restore this significant monument to its original glory, also ensuring improved structural performance and services.