About Us

Established in 1993 by founding partners Gayathri Shetty and Namith Varma, our avant-garde designs curate a unique blend of the past’s grounded richness and the future’s sense of utility. Identifying each project’s unique setting and reinterpreting the vernacular with a sensitivity towards nature has always been a source of inspiration for GNA. According to us, any design should resonate with its given setting, whether it is through the physical and tangible or the intangible. Equipped with the mantra “reduce, recycle, retrofit, and reuse,” the people at GNA see their unique position as an opportunity to contribute to and ensure sustainability in this day and age. Mindful eyes and ears let the site and its context dictate the strokes of brushes and pens. The result is a harmonious amalgamation of built and unbuilt, of man-made and nature. Our time-tested approach has garnered 50+ prestigious awards.

Our Core Team

The team today comprises of senior designers with 60 architects, engineers, and multidisciplinary professionals. The company possesses a wide range of design expertise spanning from traditional structures to progressive contemporary technological designs.

Gayathri Shetty

Co-Founder & Partner

Namith Varma

Co-Founder & Partner

Nityanand N Nair

Director – Technical

Sarath Chandra

Director – GN Heritage Matters

Gowri Rao

Associate Director

Sudhir P.S

Associate Director

Ramesh Palleri

Senior Associate Engineer

Paramesha S

Senior Associate Engineer

Bharti Suvarna

Business Co-ordinator, HR & PR

What we do

Founded in 1993 by architects, Gayathri Shetty & Namith Varma. GNA is an avant-garde architecture firm from Bangalore with over 25 consistent years of excellence in design. 


Gayathri and Namith Architects are recipients of several national and international awards recognising the indulgent work done by the company. A full list of awards can be seen by clicking on the ‘Awards’ section on the top right corner on the page.

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